Accommodation Allowance - Caretaker On Premises

Award Definition

Racing Clubs Events Award 2010 [MA000013]

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Last updated: 16 August 2021

Allowance Description
Where an employee is required by the employer to live on the premises and is required to act as caretaker,the employee must be paid an allowance equal to the amount of the rental charged by the employer for the accommodation at the said premises.

What to pay

an allowance of the amount of rental charged by the employer for the accommodation provided


This is a type of expense allowance where we would expect the employee to claim a deduction for this in their tax return

Should you withhold tax?

Do not withhold from this allowancd

Should super be paid on this allowance?

This allowance should not form part of ordinary times earnings

Should payroll tax be paid on this allowance?

Include this allowance for payroll tax purposes

How is it treated on the payment summary?

Show the allowance separately in the allowance box

How should it be reported for Single Touch Payroll?


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