Climate Allowance - Feature Films

Award Definition

Broadcasting, Recorded Entertainment and Cinemas Award 2010 [MA000091]

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Last updated: 16 August 2021

Allowance Description
If an artist working on a feature film is required by the producer to carry out work in North Queensland, Western Queensland, Western NSW, Central Australia, Northern Territory, Eastern or Northern Zones of Western Australia, Western or Northern Zones of South Australia or in Papua New Guinea, the artist will be paid at a daily or weekly rate of pay for their ordinary hours of work a sum which is 10% in excess of their ordinary daily or weekly rate for all such work.

What to pay

10% of the ordinary daily or weekly rate


This allowance is based on a working condition or a disability as part of working a shift.

Should you withhold tax?

Withhold tax from this allowance

Should super be paid on this allowance?

This allowance forms part of ordinary times earnings

Should payroll tax be paid on this allowance?

Include this allowance for payroll tax purposes

How is it treated on the payment summary?

Include this allowance as part of gross wages

How should it be reported for Single Touch Payroll?


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