Availability Allowance - Station Officers Not Working A 10/14 Roster

Award Definition

Fire Fighting Industry Award 2010 [MA000111]

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Last updated: 16 August 2021

Allowance Description
Station Officers not working the 10/14 shift roster who are required to be available after working hours to deal with operational matters will receive a 4.5% loading on their total weekly wage to be counted for all purposes.

What to pay

$2.05 per hour


This is a type of on-call allowance. You will need to determine if this is part of the employee's ordinary hours or not to determine how to treat it.

Should you withhold tax?

Withhold tax from this allowance

Should super be paid on this allowance?

If this is part of ordinary hours, it should be included in ordinary times earnings. If it is outside of ordinary hours, it should not be part of ordinary times earnings

Should payroll tax be paid on this allowance?

Include this allowance for payroll tax purposes

How is it treated on the payment summary?

Include this allowance as part of gross wages

How should it be reported for Single Touch Payroll?


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