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Implementation phase

Pay Cat places a high importance on understanding the way you perform payroll. Even though you may use an award or EBA that is similar to someone in your industry, no two organisations are the same when it comes to payroll. We take a deep dive into looking at:

  • Your current process for capturing time and attendance
  • Your Award or EBA coverage
  • How you interpret pay conditions relevant to your Award or EBA
  • Set milestone dates for roll out
  • Plan a strategy to execute a payroll system that’s perfect for your business and its needs


Training and support

We provide the training and support when you need it. During and shortly after the implementation phase is the steepest learning curve, and you want payroll professionals on hand to ask any critical questions or seek how to advice. Pay Cat provide:

  • Go live training
  • Customised on site or online training services
  • Email and phone support
  • Pay day coaching calls weekly or fortnightly

When things change we’re here to help

Payroll is an ever evolving set of rules that will impact on your business. When legislative changes that affect your business such as Single Touch Payroll or award updates, we are on hand to assist you to minimise the impact and keeping your organisation compliant.


All in one rostering, time and attendance

Maintaining separate systems means plenty of double handling. Third party time and attendance systems mean separate entries for maintaining your employee list. Your payroll system should ensure your rostering interacts with your time and attendance, which in turn interacts with your payroll.


Employee self service

Empower your employees by giving them access to their own data: 

  • We provide a range of time and attendance options including clocking events and retrospective timesheets. These can both be powered from a mobile phone app
  • Managers can be allocated functions such as timesheet approvals, leave approvals, expense reimbursement approvals and more. These can be customised to suit your business requirements
  • Staff can maintain their own standing records such as addresses, contact details, banking and super
  • Staff can interact with rostered shifts straight from their phone
  • Staff can access payslips, payment summaries and important company documents. These can even be set to require acknowledgement to enable some basic HR functionality.

All of these features save time and improve payday efficiency by removing double handling, minimising the inbound payroll department requests and empowering your staff.


Automated pay calculations

One of the most time consuming tasks of legacy payroll processes is manual interpretation of timesheets. With a complex set of requirements between awards and EBAs, this can be a manual process, along with being fraught with human error.

A payroll system would be able to take in quality timesheet data and produce a consistent, compliant interpretation using automation. This ensures you don’t waste time on back pays, and also don’t waste money on compliance penalties.


Accounting integrations

Recording pay events should not be a manual process. Using a pre built or custom integration, we can create a general journal for your accounting system that can include cost centre breakdowns. A modern system will normally allow this to happen automatically or with a text file import. This can save countless processing hours and ensure your wage accounts are always reconciled.


Single Touch Payroll reporting

There’s absolutely no burden to send through pay events or adjusting events through to the ATO. The software should automatically send this information off at the same time you automatically send out your payslips. Automatically and securely report your information to the ATO.


Clock in and out with Face Recognition

At the start and end of each shift, staff simply approach a wall mounted iPad where they are automatically recognised. Staff can accurately and reliably record their shifts in seconds. Photographs of each clocking event are automatically captured, creating an indisputable audit trail and eliminating 'buddy clocking' and 'time fraud'. The deep integration with payroll means that timesheets are created real time, lightning fast and without needing to chase down employees to submit timesheets.


Training coverage

Pay Cat supports your payroll journey through training that is customised to your needs. Any repetitive tasks can be automated for maximum efficiency with good planning and up to date training. Our efficiency training includes topics covering:

  •  a legislative change, 
  • industry specific training, 
  • a new payroll staff member; or 
  • learning a new feature, 


Pay Cat supports your payroll journey through training that is customised to your needs. Any repetitive tasks can be automated for maximum efficiency with good planning and up to date training.

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