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Timesheets - Generate from the Employee Roster

If you're using the employee rostering feature you can use the rostered work hours to generate timesheets which can then be approved and imported into the pay run process.

To generate timesheets from the employee roster, follow these steps:

  1. Open the timesheet entry screen and set the week ending to a week that has rostered shifts applied;
  2. If you're entering timesheets on behalf of an employee, select the employee you want to generate the timesheets for;
  3. If timesheets are available to be created from rostered shifts for an employee, a section titled 'Rostered Shifts' will be shown:

  4. Click the 'Generate timesheets from the rostered shifts' link and you'll see the 'Generate Timesheets' dialog with a list of rostered shifts that are eligible to generate timesheets from.
    - If the timesheet has a tick, a matching timesheet has already been found and generated.
    - If there's a '!' icon, then no matching timesheet has been found. 

    Click the 'Generate' option to generate the timesheets from the rostered shifts: 

  5. The timesheets section will populate all the relevant fields based on the information in the rostered shift (you will see an error if there are any issue generating the timesheets);
  6. You can now make changes if required and then click the Save button;
    • NB. changes made to timesheets will NOT update the roster shift
    • the "Generate timesheets from the rostered shifts?" link should NOT be used to compare timesheets to roster shifts - you can do that using the Compare to Roster button on the Approve timesheets page, this article explains
  7. The timesheets will now be able to be approved for that employee.

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