SCHADS 2024/25 Payroll Update in Pay Cat

Author Image Written by Tasya O'Connell

Pay Cat have released a key SCHADS Update to help you stay compliant and spot support worker overspend before it happens


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With wage costs increasing across the industry, Pay Cat has made a key update that keeps you compliant with the Award while spotting wage cost increases before they happen. 

One of the key updates includes the addition of a new pay category and tag for employees who exceed 5000 reimbursed kilometres in a year. This adjustment ensures that all associated payments are correctly categorized as taxable, streamlining payroll management and compliance.


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Issues with the application of the minimum engagement under clause 25.7(e) have been thoroughly addressed. We have taken into account variations across different sectors to ensure consistent and fair application of these rules.

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To enhance clarity and accuracy, we have amended the rules under clause 25.7(e) to properly track cases where employees are already covered by clause 25.6(f), which pertains to double-time penalty rates. This adjustment ensures that penalty rates are applied correctly according to the specific circumstances of each employee.

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For SACS (Social, Community, and Disability Services) workers, we have adjusted the first aid weekly variants to apply a maximum of 1 unit per week. This change simplifies the administration of first aid allowances while ensuring compliance with industry standards.

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Lastly, we have implemented rate increases for FY25 to reflect current Fair Work increases and updates. These adjustments aim to provide fair compensation to employees while supporting sustainable business operations.

  • Award rate increase
    Increase of 3.75% 
  • Super Rate Increase
    Increase to 11.5%. Base Limit is now $65,070 per quarter
  • PAYG Withheld
    Decreases across the board - no action required
  • Cents per KM 
    ATO threshold now at $0.88 - taxable above this
  • Payroll Tax Victoria
    Annual threshold increased to $900k


Note that these updates apply from the first full pay period after the 1st of July 2024; so if you’re still running pay runs including timesheets in June, you should hold off on applying the updates until after these timesheets have been processed.For a tutorial on how to apply these updates, You can have a look here