No Touch Clocking

When employee safety comes first, no touch clocking is a must. Reduce the spread of viral infections with the use of facial recognition technology by NoahFace.

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No Touch Clocking will transform your business

Never re-enter another timesheet

Remove all duplication of effort but sending your timesheet automatically in your payroll software. Save hours per week and thousands in unnecessary back office overhead.

Keep your employees safe

The recent coronavirus outbreak has exposed that viruses can live on hard services. Introduce NoahFace No Touch Clocking and remove physical contact from the clocking process.

Remove TIme Theft and 'buddy clocking'

Facial recognition creates a definitive timesheet that has no room for dispute. It prevents fraud and time theft by requiring a users face to clock in and out. Recover thousands from false timesheets.

What NoahFace customers have to say

“We have over 100 employees and an efficient clocking system is an essential part of the business.

The sheer speed of the NoahFace process means increased productivity and a happier team.”

Mark Tompkins
- Production Supervisor, Rhino Rack