100% SCHADS Award Compliance for ShiftCare Users

As someone working in the social, community, home care, or disability services industry, you know firsthand how challenging it can be to stay on top of the SCHADS Award - numerous provisions and complexities that make compliance feel like a full-time job in itself.

Add in the demands of workforce scheduling, time and attendance tracking, and payroll processing, and it's easy to feel overwhelmed.

This is where Pay Cat and ShiftCare come together to provide a comprehensive solution.

We've joined forces to create a game-changing solution designed specifically for organisations like yours. Pay Cat, one of Australia's most trusted payroll experts, has developed a 100% compliant SCHADS Award template that works alongside ShiftCare's intuitive workforce management platform.

Our integrated solution streamlines the entire process, from creating rosters that align with the award's provisions to processing payroll confidently.

We understand the unique challenges you face in the SCHADS industry, and we've poured our expertise into creating a solution that not only ensures compliance but also saves you precious time and resources.

ShiftCare and Pay Cat Payroll Integration


Built-in 100% SCHADS Award Interpretation

Pay Cat's payroll software has the SCHADS Award provisions built directly into the system, ensuring full compliance with every payroll run.


Seamless ShiftCare Integration

Effortlessly export timesheet data from ShiftCare and import it into Pay Cat, eliminating manual data entry and reducing errors.


Automated Timesheet and Payroll Processing

Review and approve timesheets in ShiftCare, then let Pay Cat automatically interpret the data and generate accurate, compliant payslips.


Comprehensive Shift Type and Allowance Support

Pay Cat handles all SCHADS shift types, allowances, and provisions, automatically applying the correct rates based on ShiftCare data.


Independently Verified Compliance

Our award interpretation and payroll processes have been independently verified by industry experts, ensuring accuracy and compliance.

Why Choose PayCat?

Pay Cat, in partnership with ShiftCare, offers a comprehensive solution for organisations in the SCHADS industry looking to streamline their payroll processes while ensuring full compliance with the SCHADS Award.

Our seamless integration allows you to leverage the same timesheet entry for both billing and payroll, eliminating duplicate data entry and reducing the risk of errors.

Our software also eliminates the need for manual award interpretation, saving you significant time on payroll processing. With Pay Cat and ShiftCare, you can have confidence that your payroll is accurate, compliant, and efficiently managed. This allows you to focus on delivering exceptional care and support to your clients, rather than getting bogged down in administrative tasks.


How It Works

Our customised solutions deliver key benefits that solve your biggest compliance headaches:

Roster Creation with ShiftCare

Begin by effortlessly creating and managing rosters within ShiftCare. Select clients, assign care types that align with NDIS pricing, and choose shift types corresponding to Pay Cat work types. This encompasses everything from standard work to specialised shifts like sleepovers, guaranteeing that all aspects of care are taken into account. Publish your rosters and seamlessly notify employees through instant updates.


Simple Timesheet Management and Approval

After shifts are completed, employees can clock in and out, add mileage, and input essential details directly within ShiftCare. Managers then review and approve timesheets, which are crucial for payroll and also become part of the billing under the NDIS scheme. This streamlined approval process ensures accuracy and compliance.


Effortless Exporting and Importing Data into Pay Cat

Effortlessly export approved timesheets from ShiftCare. The generated report is then imported into Pay Cat using a custom Google Sheets extension designed for efficient timesheet management. Configure settings to match your business needs, preview imports to ensure accuracy, and finally, import timesheets into Pay Cat, ready for payroll processing.


Automated Payroll Processing with SCHADS Award Interpretation

In Pay Cat, initiate a pay run that automatically interprets timesheets based on the SCHADS Award. This advanced interpretation covers various shift types and allowances, providing accurate, award-compliant pay outcomes for every employee. The process includes a detailed breakdown of how each shift is interpreted, offering transparency and traceability back to the award clauses.


Ongoing Support and Resources

Throughout each step, receive ongoing support and access to resources that guide you through the Pay Cat and ShiftCare ecosystems. 

Our process has been independently reviewed by legal teams, ensuring reliable and compliant interpretations of the SCHADS Award.


How Can You Benefit From This Solution?


100% SCHADS Compliance

Pay Cat's payroll software has the SCHADS Award provisions built directly into the system, ensuring full compliance with every payroll run.


Zero Compliance Risks

Eliminate the risk of underpayment claims and penalties by ensuring your payroll is always compliant with the latest SCHADS Award provisions.


Time-Saving Automation

Streamline your processes by using a single timesheet entry for billing and payroll. Our integrated solution eliminates duplicate data entry and manual calculations, saving you hours of administrative time.


Focus on Quality Care

Enable your organisation to prioritise delivering exceptional care and support, while Pay Cat and ShiftCare handle the complexities of workforce management and payroll.


Comprehensive Solution

Benefit from an end-to-end workforce management and payroll solution that covers all aspects of the SCHADS Award, from roster creation to payslip generation.

Ready to Simplify Your SCHADS Payroll Process?

See firsthand how Pay Cat and ShiftCare can revolutionise your workforce management and payroll processes. Our expert team will guide you through a personalised demonstration, showcasing how our integrated solution can save you time, ensure compliance, and streamline your operations. 

Don't miss this opportunity to experience the benefits of Pay Cat and ShiftCare for yourself.


During the onboarding process, we will assist you with certain customisations you identify in the onboarding form. These customisations may include above-award base rates and linked penalty rates, above-award allowance rates, customisations to daily overtime, minimum engagement rules, and automatic breaks. If you require additional customisations not listed here, you can work with one of Pay Cat's implementation specialists at an agreed rate. Feel free to discuss your specific requirements with Pay Cat before getting started, and their implementation specialist will provide guidance on the best way to proceed.
Importing your ShiftCare timesheets into Pay Cat is straightforward. Run your timesheets through an automated Google Sheet that syncs approved timesheets and mileage from ShiftCare directly into your payroll. The sheet automatically checks for employee matching, duplicate entries, and any other potential errors. With just one click, you can import your data in under a minute, and you'll be ready to process payroll immediately.