Solutions for Seamless SCHADS Compliance

Custom-built for
Comprehensive Compliance

We understand the complexities of staying compliant amidst frequently changing Modern Award rules. Our solutions integrate seamlessly with your systems to ensure comprehensive compliance, saving you time and peace of mind.


Save Time and Headache with Pay Cat SCHADS Solutions

SCHADS Done Your Way

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Do It Yourself
  • Automated payroll software
  • 100% independently reviewed award-compliant solution
  • Easy to use, cloud-based platform
  • Award interpretation at your fingertips
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Done For You
  • Outsourced payroll service
  • 100% independent reviewed award-compliant automated payroll software
  • Dedicated payroll experts handle everything
  • Complete payroll processing off your plate
Done With You
  • Expert guidance via Pay Cat
  • Access to Pay Cat HR Telephone Advice Line
  • HR Advisory service that gives you the answers

Automate Your SCHADS Compliance

Pay Cat offers an automated, cloud-based payroll software solution that ensures 100% legally compliant adherence to the SCHADS Award. The Pay Cat payroll platform simplifies complex award interpretation by automatically applying the relevant rules and calculations.

This user-friendly system streamlines the entire payroll process, from onboarding to timesheet integration, pay condition calculations, and employee self-service features. 

With pre-built SCHADs compliance rules, you can effortlessly manage intricate scenarios like shift patterns, penalties, breaks, and more without manual calculations.

Use our time and attendance module or bring timesheets from your care management system or CRM.

A key advantage is the software's ability to link pay calculations directly to the specific award clauses, providing transparency if ever questioned by employees or Fair Work. 

The cloud-based nature allows real-time access and updates, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors


Outsource Your SCHADS Payroll

Take the payroll burden off your plate with Pay Cat's comprehensive outsourced solution. 

This service combines Pay Cat's 100% SCHADS Award-compliant automated payroll software with dedicated payroll experts handling everything for you.

Our experienced professionals will manage the entire payroll process - onboarding and terminating employees, shift calculations, processing pay runs, generating compliant payslips, and addressing payday queries. 

We ensure strict adherence to the complex SCHADS Award rules so you can focus on running your business.


Get Expert SCHADS Advice When You Need It

The SCHADS Award can be complicated, even with automated payroll software handling calculations. Pay Cat offers an HR advisory service, so you can access professional guidance whenever questions arise.

Through the Pay Cat HR telephone advice line, you'll speak directly with knowledgeable advisors about the SCHADS Award. 

Need help with how to interpret a clause? Need clarity on employee entitlements? Facing a complex scenario? Our experts provide the answers.

This advisory service ensures you have a reliable resource to minimise non-compliance risks and potential disputes. Plus, our advisors stay current on SCHADS changes and industry updates, offering accurate, relevant counsel.

With expert advice a phone call away, you can operate your SCHADS-covered business confidently. 


Enhance Your SCHADS Knowledge

In addition to software and advisory services, Pay Cat provides comprehensive learning resources to help you and your team deepen your understanding of the SCHADS Award. 

Our exclusive online course and eBooks cover the award's intricacies in detail, ensuring you stay up-to-date and compliant.

The online course offers a convenient, self-paced learning experience tailored to the SCHADS Award.  

Complementing the course, Pay Cat's eBooks serve as valuable reference materials. These digital books provide insight into the award's clauses, providing in-depth explanations and guidance on correctly interpreting and implementing the rules.

Pay Cat also hosts industry-leading webinars and maintains an informative blog, ensuring you have access to the latest SCHADS Award updates, best practices, and expert insights from seasoned professionals.


Why Choose PayCat?

At PayCat, we don’t just understand compliance - we’ve pioneered an automated solution that removes the stress of ever-changing rules.

With our customised integration directly embedded into Employment Hero Payroll, you can eliminate the worry about penalties or time-consuming manual inputs. Our innovative software guarantees 100% accuracy by instantly cross-checking any changes against current SCHADS legislation.

That means you don’t have to be a compliance expert. We’ve done that for you. Consider us an extension of your team, effortlessly handling SCHADS in the background while you focus on supporting your community.

 Join the hundreds of social, community, home care and disability providers already leveraging our compliance capabilities. 

Speak to our team today to discover why we’re Australia's trusted partner in SCHADS payroll solutions.

Save Time and Headache with Pay Cat SCHADS Solutions