Mastering the SCHADS Award

A Step-By-Step Course To Achieving 100% Compliance with the SCHADS Award
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Stop Worrying About Payroll Compliance

Learn everything there is to know about the SCHADS Award using our “choose your own adventure” online course
Sick of navigating the SCHADS Award and Fair Work’s website? We are too.

We’ve helped dozens of SCHADS businesses with becoming payroll compliant through our consulting and expertise in payroll.

And now, it’s time to offer it to everyone.
Introducing the “Mastering the SCHADS Award” course: step-by-step training where we take you through every single aspect of the SCHADS award. Everything from understanding allowances to overtime to pay progression. We’ve got you covered. 

With 8 modules and over 50 lessons, we’ll help you cut through the confusion to not only learn how to properly interpret the SCHADS award but to make sure you can do this effortlessly and as efficiently as possible.
Each lesson is short, actionable and up-to-date.

By the time you’ve worked through the course, you’ll have drastically increased your ability to interpret the SCHADS Award and de-risk the business from the eyes of Fair Work.

So if you’re ready to take a closer step to mastering the SCHADS Award, sign up now. 



We cover everything from allowances to pay progression to overtime in 8 easy to navigate modules.



Broken down into short, actionable and up-to-date advice on interpreting the SCHADS award.



Get free access to our SCHADS award ebook and payroll processing checklist to help you take action immediately.


Who Are We?

We realised that it’s not enough for businesses to know that they need to be compliant. They need to be shown a way to automate their payroll in an easy, sustainable and efficient manner.

Pay Cat is one of Australia’s market leaders in cloud payroll automation and has helped thousands of businesses in achieving automated payroll compliance.

Course Information

Mastering the SCHADS Award was built with the SCHADS business owner or payroll team member in mind. If you’re struggling to keep your business compliant, this is the course for you.

Work at your own pace

There are eight distinct modules with 50 video lessons, taking you from simple knowledge to post-course application


Clear examples

Clear examples, demonstrating how certain provisions are applied to real-life payroll situations


Breakdown of different types of SCHADS businesses and how it affects payroll

Whether you’re social and community, daycare or home care, we cover all the conditions that apply to you.