What’s Inside

  • Key challenges facing the SCHADS Industry
  • Identifying inefficient manual payroll processes
  • Manual interpretation of SCHADS pay conditions
  • Cloud payroll as a solution to SCAHDS payroll compliance
  • Fool-proof, automated payroll compliance
  • Off-site support worker time & attendance
  • Significantly reduce payroll rpocessing resources
  • Scalability & expansion proof options

Download to find out how Pay Cat helped SCHADS businesses automate payroll compliance and save on time and costs

SCHADS businesses large and small struggle to interpret the complex pay conditions of the SCHADS Industry Award.

Facing these challenges means navigating jargon-heavy legislation with manual payroll processes - a leaky payroll boat. 

We cover how we helped many SCHADS businesses with automating their payroll compliance while simultaneously saving on time and costs, so that you can get back to delivering the very best care for your customers. 

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