Special Efforts When Vessel Wrecked Or Stranded Allowance

Award Definition

Maritime Offshore Oil and Gas Award 2010 [MA000086]

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Allowance Description

In addition to any other entitlement under this award,an allowance of $29.23 per hour is to be paid to an employee in circumstances where:

(i) a vessel becomes wrecked or stranded in the course of a voyage;and

(ii) the employee is called upon for special efforts while the vessel is still wrecked or stranded

for the time during which the employee so assists.

What to pay

$29.23 per hour for the time spent assisting


This allowance is based on performing a special duty or a certain area of responsibility

Should you withhold tax?

Withhold tax from this allowance

Should super be paid on this allowance?

This allowance forms part of ordinary times earnings

Should payroll tax be paid on this allowance?

Include this allowance for payroll tax purposes

How is it treated on the payment summary?

Include this allowance as part of gross wages

How should it be reported for Single Touch Payroll?


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