Extend No Touch Clocking even more with Voice Control

Author Image Written by Chris Davies

Introduce voice control to NoahFace and create a completely touchless enviornment but still capture context from staff and visitors

The NoahFace App has been updated with support for voice control. This allows functions that previously required button presses to be operated in a completely touchless way.

See a video of this in action here:

NoahFace Voice Control


For example:

  • Health and Safety Questions (Attestation),
  • Recording Breaks, and even
  • Visitor Registration.

To use voice control with NoahFace, just enable it under iPadOS settings > Accessibility > Voice Control (toggle on).

For example, try the following configuration when using the Compliance screen (in the latest release of the NoahFace App):

policies=I do not have a sore throat or flu-like symptoms; 
In the last 14 days, I have not been diagnosed with COVID-19 or declared a close contact; 
In the past 14 days I have not visited a known COVID-19 hotspot;
I agree to abide by any safety direction given to me by ACME Corp staff while on site., 

You can then acknowledge the site policies and clock in by saying: "Tap Confirm”:


Sophie COVID

The future is (even more) touchless!