NoahFace partnership with Alcolizer

Author Image Written by Joshua Sullivan

Alcolizer Technology has partnered with NoahFace, fully integrating blood alcohol breath testing with facial recognition record keeping.

Earlier this year drug and alcohol screening manufacturer Alcolizer Technology announced a partnership with NoahFace, fully integrating two of their industry-standard alcohol screening units with the facial recognition time and attendance platform.


The wall-mounted screening devices, the Wallmount 4 and the Centurion will both fully integrate with a NoahFace iPad kiosk mounted adjacent and can provide a blood alcohol screening solution during times when workers are clocking in and out for work, attempting to access restricted areas, and for visitors registering to enter a work site.

Workers and visitors can be shown and asked to confirm the Health and Safety policies before initiating a breath test on the adjacent Alcolizer. An alert email can be sent during elevated readings and if required the readings can be sent to an integrated payroll system.

Industries with heavy and dangerous equipment such as Mining, Construction, and Transport will find this integration particularly useful when looking to record both workplace compliance and attendance. This will help to ensure both a safer workplace and maintain a photographic and time-stamped audit trail of all readings.
See the technology in action during a recent client demonstration


The procedure might be as follows;

  • A worker or visitor comes on-site and approaches the wall-mounted NoahFace iPad Kiosk
  • Noahface uses facial recognition to start a recorded event such as a clock-in, restricted area access, or visitor registration.
  • NoahFace optionally presents health and safety policies that must be acknowledged
  • A breath test is then performed on the adjacent Alcolizer device
  • The Alcolizer will optionally send an alert email for elevated readings
  • The Alcolizer then returns the readings to NoahFace
  • Noahface will grant or deny access based on the reading
  • NoahFace then securely stores the recorded events on the cloud for viewing and reporting
  • Noahface can send recorded events to an integrated payroll system if configured.
Alcohol screening is a feature available only on the Enterprise subscription plan from NoahFace .
If you're interested in seeing how NoahFace and Alcolizer can help your business stay safety compliant with facial recognised record keeping, get in touch with us today for a free demo.

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