NoahFace Feature Release: Recording Paid Breaks

Author Image Written by Chris Davies

NoahFace now allows for paid rest breaks to be recorded as a note when a shift is clocked out.

Organisations are increasingly wanting to ensure paid rest/crib/tea breaks are taken, both for employee wellbeing and so they are compliant with awards and workplace agreements.
NoahFace allows you to optionally record paid rest breaks at the end of a shift (ie: when an employee clocks out):
Clock Screen with breaks
Recording breaks at the end of a shift can increase overall productivity because employees don’t have to return to the iPad to record their breaks when they take them.
Either one or two breaks can be recorded, and the popup will only display if the employee has worked sufficient hours to be entitled breaks.
If an employee indicates they did not take a break, they are required to enter a reason.
The entered rest break times are recorded with the clock out event as follows:
Event with rest breaks
For more information on how to configure the recording of rest breaks, see our knowledge base article: How do I capture paid rest breaks?
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Happy Clocking!