NoahFace Feature Release: Recording Unpaid Breaks

Author Image Written by Blake Bennett

NoahFace now allows staff to explicitly record their breaks with an optional Start Break button on the clocking screen.

Breaks are supported both in the NoahFace App (for mounted kiosks) and the NoahFace Go App (for mobile staff). 
Break on Clock ScreenBreak on NoahFace Go
Start Break and End Break events are mapped through to corresponding event types for payroll systems that support them (eg: KeyPay and Definitiv), and are mapped to Clock Out and Clock In events respectively for other payroll systems.
Accurate Payments
Explicitly recording breaks allows you to automatically and accurately pay staff based on complex award rules. For example, consider:
  • In the Manufacturing Award, if employees don’t get a meal break at an appropriate time, they are entitled to time-and-a-half payments until they do.  
  • Some awards treat meal breaks as paid time when they are in overtime phase.
These sorts of rules can only be dealt with accurately if your clocking system understands the difference between an employee taking a meal break and and an employee clocking out from one shift and clocking in to start work on a second shift.
And if employee payments are ever challenged, it is critical you have accurate time records.
Employee Wellbeing
With NoahFace, you also have the option of specifying a minimum break time (eg: 30 minutes), in which case staff will not be able to clock back in after a break until this time has elapsed. This not only allows you to enforce award rules, but it is also good practice to maximise staff productivity, health, and happiness.
Some work places require staff to start and end their shifts at known work sites, but allow them to take their breaks wherever they are. For example, this would apply to many delivery drivers and maintenance staff who have multiple stops with different customers throughout the day. With NoahFace Go, you can specify that geofencing should be ignored for break events, which directly supports this scenario.
To learn more about how to configure NoahFace to record breaks, see:
Support for breaks is yet another step in our ongoing commitment to deliver the world’s best clocking solutions.
If you would like to see a demo of how NoahFace can work for your business, please click the link below:
Happy Clocking!