Noahface Roster Integration

Author Image Written by Tasya O'Connell

Validation of Clocking Attempts, Real-Time Schedule Visibility, Comprehensive Reporting



Noahface now has capabilities to integrate with the Keypay rostering system. With real-time view into employee's rostered shifts, Noahface can restrict, allow and communicate about clock-ins based on each worker's shift for the current day.

NoahFace now verifies clocking attempts against each worker's rostered shift, as configured in Keypay. This ensures adherence to schedules by preventing early or late clock-ins outside of approved windows.

This will allow Noahface to prevent workers from clocking in too early. For instance, if an employee is rostered to start a shift at 8 a.m., and the clock is configured with a 10 minute grace period, an employee who attempts to login at 7:49 will be denied, and will be prompted to return at 7:50 to clock in. 

An employee who attempts to clock in on a day when they are not scheduled at all will also be denied, and will see a message letting them know that they are not scheduled to work that day. 

Noahface will display the employee’s rostered shift as soon as the system identifies them. Once they are clocked in, the message on the clocking screen will display their end shift time. 

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Managers can effortlessly track workforce attendance with a real-time view on the NoahFace Go mobile app. This feature allows for quick identification of on-time arrivals, current clock-ins, and any late arrivals, streamlining management processes.

Designed to provide simple, at-a-glance access, managers can quickly view today’s scheduled staff, as well as each employee’s status that indicates if they are clocked in, on break, or if they clocked in late for their shift. This view also shows a duration of each status; for instance, managers can view how long an employee has been on break or on the clock. 


Employers gain valuable insights into worker punctuality with comprehensive reporting capabilities. Analyze trends, identify improvement areas, and optimize workforce management for better efficiency.