Automated Payroll Compliance

With Pay Cat, enjoy peace of mind that we’ll help you automate all your payroll compliance with one centralised cloud payroll software.


Industry-Specific Payroll Compliance

Every industry is unique with its own set of governing modern awards, legislation and regulation. For the average business, staying payroll compliant remains a challenge. If not careful, businesses may be subject to legal action that result in a costly and time-consuming affair.

Pay Cat will assess and provide expertise and training on ensuring your business is payroll compliant through the use of cloud payroll software.

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Automatic Award Rules

To effectively be payroll compliant, you must start with effective implementation. Pay Cat will assist with personalised setup and use of specific payroll rules. We’ll work closely with your payroll team during set up or when reviews are needed to ensure specific automated rules are applied based on your specific modern award or EBA.

With Pay Cat, you can be confident that automatic award rules and ultimately, payroll compliance are confidently met.

Single Touch Payroll Compliance

We’ll match you with an ATO certified provider for Single Touch Payroll (STP) and NDIS reporting.

You’ll be able to process, report and produce payroll processes all within a single platform.

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Superannuation Automation

Save yourself the headache of dealing with super guarantees, deductions, salary sacrifices and self-managed super funds. Pay Cat will assist you with providing a cloud payroll solution that takes care of it all that can be run seamlessly and in one centralised location.

Have the luxury of having super data pushed to a super clearing house that will reduce your super processing time down to a mere few seconds.

Why Pay Cat?

Pay Cat are the preferred choice for cloud payroll software with over 20 years of payroll experience, specialising in providing the very best in implementation, training and support.

In the ever-evolving changes to the Australian employment legislative landscape, Pay Cat has the expertise to ensure that your business remains compliant while maximising efficiency in your payroll process.

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