Cloud Payroll Software

One centralised and integrated system for all your cloud payroll needs


Integrated Payroll Solution

Using a truly integrated workforce management system, gone are the days of manual double entries of time and attendance and onboarding. Pay Cat now matches you with the perfect cloud payroll software that looks after full end to end management of your business so that your payroll is only one click away from being approved.

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Compliance Peace of Mind

With one centralised system, you can expect that the cloud payroll software that we match you with will offer the ultimate peace of mind in delivering comprehensive interpretation and compliance with the modern awards and EBAs. From onboarding to leave management to overtime, all data will effortlessly flow through the cloud payroll system to ensure that your staff are paid on time and what they’re owed.

Single Touch Payroll & NDIS Reporting

Our recommended cloud payroll software will have integrated Single Touch Payroll reporting that meets the Australian Tax Office (ATO) requirements.

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Comprehensive Payroll Reporting

Help make informed decisions with a range of comprehensive payroll reports. From payroll reports to tax and compliance reports to support worker leave reports, find out all the data you need in just a few clicks.