Employee Rostering Software

Pay Cat will find you the perfect smart rostering solution for your workforce management needs


single click

Create Rosters with a Single Click

Automate your entire rostering process using cloud payroll software. Cut time spent on rostering to a fraction by creating templates and recurring shifts. Fast and easy.

modern award

Modern Award & EBA Compliance

Ensure you never place your business at risk of underpayment and wage theft. Meet all your modern award and EBA requirements as Pay Cat helps you set up built-in interpretations and rules for maximum compliance.

stick within labour budgets

Stick Within Labour Budgets

See and manage live labour forecasting data to make the best decision on rostering. Calculate costs by the shift, day and week on the fly to stay on top of your budget.

multiple locations

Multiple Roster for Multiple Locations

Take advantage of assigning employees across multiple businesses or locations for greater flexibility. Perfect for all types of businesses.

easy roster distirbution

Easy Roster Distribution

As soon as you publish your roster, push notifications and automatic SMS messages will be executed to notify your employees of a new roster. You can even export, email or add rosters to online calendars!

shift confirmation

Individual Shift Confirmation

Do you have casual staff or staff with limited availability? Use the individual shift confirmation feature to manage if shifts are accepted or rejected.

integration with timesheets and payroll

Integration with Timesheets and Payroll

Sync all roster data with other modules of your cloud payroll software to streamline your time and attendance and payroll processes. No more double-handling and say goodbye to clerical errors!