Time and Attendance Software

Pay Cat will find you the perfect time and attendance solution for your workforce management needs


time theft

Stop Time Theft

Get rid of buddy clocking and paper timesheets. Take advantage of biometric facial recognition technology as a reliable and secure method for recording time and attendance.

accurate pay runs

Streamlined & Accurate Pay Runs

Take back payday! No more messy double handling and manual data entries. Enjoy an all-in-one solution to record and approve award-compliant time and attendance records for regular pay runs.

location tracking

Time and Location Tracking

Deal with multiple locations and mobile staff will be a breeze. Use our recommended time and attendance apps that let your team easily clock in and out via their mobile phone.

cloud based

Cloud-Based Time and Attendance

Access records and see live labour costs to proactively manage your staffing and avoid excessive overtime.


Easy Compliance

Pay Cat will work closely with your team to set up all the rules relevant to your business. With automation applied to breaks and entitlements, reduce human error by ensuring compliance is now automatic.