Perfect Employee Appreciation Gifts to Boost Morale

Author Image Written by Garth Belic

Here are the best employee appreciation gifts to boost morale, productivity, and loyalty in your team. Read up on unique ideas and tips for corporate gifts now.

When it comes to keeping your team motivated and feeling valued, a token of your appreciation can go a long way. More than just a corporate formality, employee appreciation gifts are a powerful tool to boost morale, foster loyalty, and ultimately drive productivity. 

So, what employee gifts should you have on hand to give your workforce, and why should this always be a priority?



As a business leader or HR manager, conveying your gratitude to the members of your organisation is not just a nice touch; it's an essential factor for building a thriving, productive workplace. 

Here's why: 

  • Boosts morale: A simple "Thank you" or a small token of appreciation as personalised gifts can tremendously elevate an employee's spirit. It makes them feel valued and important.
  • Enhances productivity: When employees feel appreciated, their level of engagement increases, leading to better quality work and higher productivity.
  • Promotes loyalty: Employees who feel valued are likelier to remain loyal to the organisation. This reduces turnover and the associated costs of training new staff.
  • Fosters a positive workplace culture: Expressing gratitude fosters a culture of appreciation, which leads to a more positive and healthy working environment.

So how do you do this? Well, choosing great employee appreciation gifts can go a long way in showing how much you respect and care for the hard work your team puts in.

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Did you know that over 80% of employees feel appreciated when they receive gifts from their employers? 

Australian companies increasingly recognise the need for personalised staff gifts, specifically meaningful and thoughtfully chosen. This is not just a virtue of generosity; it's seen as a strategic investment in employee welfare and engagement.

But there are some general guidelines to follow:

  • Gifts should not be extravagant or too personal; they need to strike the right balance between expressing the company's appreciation and maintaining professional boundaries.
  • Practicality is valued. Gifts that employees can use, whether in their professional or personal lives, are highly favoured.
  • Cultural sensitivity matters. Companies should consider an employee's background and personal preferences when selecting physical gifts.
  • Timing is crucial. Typically, gifts are given on celebratory occasions, such as achieving a milestone, anniversaries, or festive occasions. Also, remember to include your entire team.

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  • Experience-Based Gifts: In an increasingly digital world, real-world experiences hold a special charm. Consider rewarding your employees with a cooking class, a spa day, or a hot air balloon trip for two. These experiences, challenging the norm, can make your appreciation stand out. 
  • Presentation Is Key: How you present your gift matters, too. Leaving a gift on an employee's desk is so last century. Instead, consider arranging for a surprise delivery or organising a small event around the gift-giving process—because who doesn't love a good surprise? Employee Appreciation Day could be a great date to do this and showcase your employee recognition in a suitable environment.
  • Subscription-Based Gifts: People love surprises and the gift that keeps giving. In this context, subscription boxes can be a great appreciation gift. From gourmet food to books to health & fitness items, subscription boxes cater to every preference, ensuring your employees feel valued and seen continuously. You could even give them a gym membership.
  • Giving Back: Lastly, consider giving a gift that gives back. A lot of employees value social responsibility, so why not honour this? Consider letting your employees choose a charity to which a donation is made in their name. This type of gift benefits the employee and helps a worthy cause. 

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Doing so not only helps local economies thrive but also encapsulates a sense of community and sustainability that employees can feel good about. 

Here are a few ideas on how to go about it:

  • Eco-friendly gifts: Numerous Australian companies produce environmentally conscious products. If your team values sustainability, items such as reusable coffee cups, organic cotton tote bags, or plantable seed paper could make thoughtful and earth-friendly tokens of appreciation.
  • Gift cards from popular retailers or local favourites: By giving gift cards, you can take comfort in knowing you're contributing to local businesses while offering your team members something they can utilise. A gift card to their favourite coffee shop, for instance, is both personal and supportive of your local community.
  • Seasonal Mini Gifts: How about gifting seasonal produce? Australia has a rich variety of local fruits, wines, and gourmet foods. Including these as part of your employee appreciation gifts is a delicious way to support local businesses.
  • Curated gift boxes for remote employees: Another way of delivering joy straight to the doorsteps of your team members is through a curated gift box. Numerous providers can assist you with creating custom boxes filled with Australian-made items ranging from artisanal chocolates to unique handmade soaps.
  • Company-provided gifts: You could create branded merchandise for employees, perhaps working with a local print or design shop. This supports local arts and fosters a sense of unity and pride among the team.

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  • Recognising and appreciating employees is crucial in fostering a positive work environment, which in turn contributes to increased job satisfaction, productivity, and employee retention.
  • Choose employee appreciation gifts that express gratitude and reflect your company's culture, the recipient's past achievements, significant tenure milestones, and personal interests. Personalisation adds value and shows the employee they are uniquely appreciated.
  • Remember to support local Australian businesses when sourcing your employee appreciation gifts. This is not only a sustainable choice but also contributes to economic development.
  • Incorporating an element of fun, providing snacks or organising wellness activities such as meditation can make the appreciation bigger impact.
  • Learn from real success stories to pathway how appreciation gifts have positively impacted employee morale and productivity. Such stories can provide needed inspiration.
  • Always remember potential pitfalls when choosing and presenting gifts to avoid any inadvertently negative consequences.