No Touch Clocking In for Employee Safety

Author Image Written by Garth Belic

NoahFace introduces a no touch employee clock in to allow staff to remain safe when entering or leaving the workplace.

Note we are offering this technology free for essential services for 30 days during the COVID-19 lockdown

We are seeing our typical lifestyles at home and work change daily with the rapid advancement of COVID-19. Workplaces are beginning to implement work from home strategies and social distancing. At Pay Cat, we are fortunate that we work in the technology space which lends itself to working from home fairly easily.

There are many situations however where it is not possible to work from home. Retail, hospitality, manufacturing, warehousing and pharmaceutical and health care are all examples of industries that fall into this category. In response, workplaces need to adapt their strategies to keep their staff and customers safe.

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NoahFace have responded to these demands by adding a zero touch clock in feature to their time and attendance system. Employees simply view the iPad camera, are recognised using Facial Recognition technology, and are clocked in.  This process is repeated for clocking out.

Check out the short video on NoahFace No Touch in action.

Noahface No Touch

For existing customers, Noahface can offer this functionality with the iPad in “Access Control” mode (in the Admin area).

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Unlike fingerprint and other biometric technology, “no touch” facial recognition ensures that hygiene standards are maintained. This is critical to workplace health and safety in current times. Staff should feel safe in their workplace that social distancing can be exercised.

If you are interested in implementing facial recognition technology in your workplace, book a demo with us and we can show you how it works.

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