NoahFace Thermal now integrated to Kronos Workforce Dimensions™

Author Image Written by Garth Belic

One of the worlds most topical and innovative time clocks now available to enterprise level workforce management

The integration allows existing Kronos Workforce Dimensions clients to achieve the full benefit of a facial recognition time clock that can be no touch, check temperatures and even unlock doors!

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NoahFace is a facial recognition time clock that recognises a staff members face in less than a second. NoahFace operates on any modern iPad meaning the system can be scaled in a cost effective way.

NoahFace utilises webhook technology to even trigger doors and gates to unlock an open when paired with a door access system.

At entry points and throughout the workspace, NoahFace Thermal is a hardware addition that allows staff to automatically have their temperatures scanned and checked against a threshold. This has been a fundamental tool to help ensure enterprises have a robust COVID-19 prevention strategy and create a safe space for their staff.

As well as staff, NoahFace offers functionality for use as a visitor registration system where new visitors can be registered, temperature checked, facial recognition profile saved for ease of use and the host notified upon arrival.

Read more about NoahFace and watch a video here

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When the employee clocks in, their face is matched and their temperature is checked against a threshold set by the organisation. If their temperature exceeds a threshold they are prevented from clocking in.

If their clock event is successful, NoahFace will instantly send a new “punch event” into Kronos Workforce Dimensions. The punch event can be automatically matched against Kronos Workforce Dimensions’ powerful scheduling functionality. Any cost centre or transfer codes applied to the scheduled shift will then also be applied to the timesheet.

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If you’ve separated temperature checks from staff and visitor registrations, you can now perform this unattended and in real time and implement a clock that is functional as both a time clock and an employee safety tool.

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We are also able to provide pricing based on number of clocks and number of staff using the system.

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