Pay Cat Support Policy

Pay Cat provides Support Services for Purchased Offerings being:

  • Employment Hero Payroll software licence
  • Outsourced Payroll services
  • NoahFace Time and Attendance software licence
  • Custom integrations related to the above

This Software Support Policy (“Support Policy”) describes the policies and procedures under which Hunter Madison Holdings Pty Ltd (“Pay Cat”) provides technical support (“Support”) for its customers who have purchased a licence to any of the above Purchased Offerings.

Support is provided for the Software pursuant to the separate Agreement Terms and Statement of Work under which Customer has purchased Support and the terms of this Support Policy. 

How We Provide Support

Support is only provided through certain channels. These are currently:

We do not provide support through any other channels other than those listed above. The list of exclusions include but are not limited to:

  • Emails sent directly to Pay Cat staff personal email
  • SMS sent to individual Pay Cat staff mobile numbers
  • Tweets or mentions on social media
  • Direct messages on social media.
  • Contact made directly to our third party vendors:
    • Employment Hero
    • NoahFace

If you use a channel not listed above, we will notify you. If you repeatedly use incorrect channels to offer support you may, at the discretion of Pay Cat, be blacklisted from receiving any support.

How We Triage Tickets

Each request for help that comes from an appropriate channel is turned into a ticket and is ‘triaged’. This means the ticket is assessed for prioritisation. Due to the unique nature of payroll, prioritisation is related to your pay schedule rather than the size of client or the subject.

If the ticket is received on the same day that a pay run is typically finalised, the prioritisation will automatically be set to ‘high’. All other tickets will be assigned a priority based on how time sensitive and wide reaching they are.

Service Level Agreements for Support

Pay Cat uses a prioritisation approach to how we set a support queue, therefore we do not offer any Service Level Agreements for first response times or resolution times. While unique to the payroll industry, we believe the prioritisation approach ensures clients get the optimum outcome.

Escalating a support ticket

If you have a critical ticket, you may need the ticket to be escalated to your Customer Success Manager after initially raising the issue. The ticket must meet the following criteria:

  • or phone +61 2 4062 8705 are the only accepted channels used to escalate a ticket
  • You must evidence the original ticket
  • The ticket affects:
    • A pay run being processed today; or
    • An employees ability to perform time and attendance functions
  • You’ve followed the support policy and have not had an initial reply after 3 hours

Privacy Protection and User Restriction of Support

Privacy is important, particularly when it comes to sensitive payroll information. As a result, we will only provide support to the following users

  • Employment Hero Payroll - Those listed as a Full Access User users only
  • NoahFace - Admin level users only
  • Outsourced Payroll Standard - Those listed as a Full Access User users  in Employment Hero Payroll

Our workflow includes a check to ensure that the person making the request meets the definition above prior to providing sensitive information.

We will not offer any support to those outside of the list above. To clarify; we will not accept support requests from employee only access users or restricted access users. 

You will not represent yourself as anyone other than the system level access you've been granted.

Scope of Support

The changes we will make on your behalf depend on the service being provided and the current stage of your setup  - namely, whether you’ve completed your first ‘Go Live’ pay run. 

  • Payroll before Go Live - We will make alterations to your existing payroll settings, including pay conditions, employees, rates etc.
  • Payroll after Go Live - We will advise you of what changes to make yourself. We will not make any changes directly to the software without your express written permission. Note that significant changes outside of the initial scope of the payroll implementation may incur an additional fee at discretion. We’ll let you know up front how much these changes will cost.
  • Outsourced payroll - We will make alterations to your existing payroll settings, including pay conditions, employees, rates etc.
  • NoahFace - We will make alterations to your existing settings e.g. User sync, screen configuration, notifications

If you expressly ask support to make changes on your behalf, you take full responsibility for reviewing, testing and adopting the changes made prior to making a payroll calculation. 

Support Customer Conduct

While we appreciate the importance of time and attendance and payroll as a business function, it is required that customers deal with Pay Cat Support Staff respectfully when communicating. 

Examples of a breach of customer support conduct may include:

  • Any form of communication a reasonable person would consider offensive or abusive
  • Any form of communication that a reasonable person would consider harassment
  • Directly contacting our vendors (Employment Hero or NoahFace) about a ticket that has already been reported
  • Excessive attempts to escalate tickets
  • Making complaints or disparaging remarks about Pay Cat or our support staff in a public forum or social media platforms

Support Blacklisting

If you breach any area of the support policy, you will be notified by Pay Cat. If it is considered a serious or repeated breach of policy, Pay Cat, at their discretion, will blacklist a user from receiving support either temporarily or permanently based on severity.

Operative Date: 1 August 2023
Last Updated: 20 July 2023