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How It Works

At the start and end of each shift, staff simply approach a wall-mounted iPad or using the NoahFace Go phone app where the system will automatically recognise their face within seconds.

The captured start and end of shift times are recorded and automatically synchronised with your payroll system, applying mandatory break times, rounding rules, and modern award rules, making a payroll a breeze.

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Wage Theft Elimination

Wage theft practices such as ‘buddy clocking’ and ‘time fraud’ using paper timesheets cost businesses thousands of dollars a year. NoahFace eliminates this instantly by using your face as the only form of verification when registering your attendance.

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Minimising Infections

COVID-19 has been a significant source of business loss. It only takes one infected individual to spread the virus.

Avoid this by eliminating fingerprint scanners and paper timesheets as a vector for the spread of viruses and disease while simultaneously identifying risky individuals using NoahFace’s Thermal Reader.


Compliance & Audit Trails

As per the Australian government’s requirements, businesses must keep time and wages records for more than seven years. As of 1st March, Fair Work enforced businesses to keep accurate records of annual salaried staff records as well.

Each time a clocking event occurs on NoahFace, photographs are automatically captured and stored which create an indisputable and accessible audit trail.


Mobile Time Tracking

Businesses that have staff working from home, on the road or multiple sites can use NoahFace Go, our latest mobile app, for:

  • Clock In/Out
  • Task Tracking
  • Job Tracking
  • Location Tracking (both mandatory or optional)

Our Features

  • stafftick-100

    Continuous intelligent automated learning and recognition

  • fast87
    Lightning Fast

    Instant face matching speeds

  • flexible-100

    Reduce the risk of infections while improving reliability

  • lock

    Latest encryption best practices to keep your data safe

  • increase-100

    Supports thousands of users and access points

  • 5convenient87

    99% uptime

  • cloud-100

    Access configuration and data remotely

  • integrated-100

    Integrate with existing payroll systems, control systems and directories

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Payroll platforms

NoahFace works seamlessly with your workforce management or payroll platform.