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Maximising a Safe Workplace

Avoid workplace safety breaches and business shutdown by implementing NoahFace’s Temperature Screening solution on every workplace access point.

By just simply clocking in at an iPad access point, our thermal reader will automatically identify employees and read their temperature.

Employees without elevated temperatures will be able to enter the workplace.

Employees with elevated temperatures will be provided additional instructions, and an email alert sent to relevant stakeholders.



Under WH&S law, employers have a duty of responsibility to ensure the work environment is safe and without risk to health.

NoahFace’s thermal reader offers three key benefits:

  • Employee Safety - At scale prevention of employees with elevated temperatures interacting with other staff to avoid the spread of infections and disease
  • Reduced Risk in Breaching WH&S Laws - Failure to set up appropriate measures to mitigate risks associated with health and safety can result in significant legal risks
  • Reduced Business Risk - Avoid complete business shutdown or loss in productivity due to the uncontained spread of diseases or viruses
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How It Works

NoahFace in partnership with CALUMINO ® - a market-leading manufacturer in nano-optical sensors - offers the world’s first contactless temperature screening kiosk using their patented opt-thermal scanning technology.

Upon arriving at work, staff approach the mounted iPad and are instantly recognised using NoahFace’s facial recognition technology. Temperatures are then automatically recorded.

If a staff member appears to have an elevated temperature, access can be denied or customised instructions can be provided along with an alert sent to stakeholders via email.

NoahFace Temperature Screening solutions can be used either as a stand-alone option to test staff temperatures, or integrated with our Time and Attendance solutions, used to screen staff before starting work.

All captured events are stored securely in the Cloud for retrospective access to data by authorised users.



Our temperature screening solution can be used in almost any workplace. NoahFace’s Temperature Screening solution is most effective in workspaces with frequent indoor face-to-face interaction of staff and customers such as:

  • Offices
  • Wholesale & Manufacturing
  • Hospitals
  • Hospitality & Hotels
  • Leisure & Recreation
  • Retail
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