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Track Time and Attendance On The Go

For businesses where staff work from home, on multiple sites or are constantly on the road, NoahFace Go is the perfect solution.

Available on all compatible iPhones and Android phones.

Suitable for:

  • Working from home
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Trades
  • Consultants
  • Sales and many more

NoahFace Go offers three types of time and attendance tracking features:

  • Clocking In & Out
    Keep track of start and finishing times as employees register their attendance via the app
  • Task Tracking
    Register start and finish times for specific tasks
  • Job Tracking
    Using unique job numbers, staff register start and finish times for specific jobs

All data registered time and location events in the Cloud. Such data can be searched, reviewed and reported on from any location or device.

How It Works

  1. NoahFace Go will display the employee work status
  2. A list of available actions will be displayed
  3. For clocking in and out - the employee selects clock in or clock out
  4. For task tracking - the employee selects the task type to begin tracking
  5. For job tracking - the employee either manually enters a job number or scans a barcode to begin job tracking
  6. The captured events are automatically uploaded to the Cloud and also synchronised with your payroll or ERP system
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Payroll platforms

NoahFace works seamlessly with your workforce management or payroll platform.